Birth of HPI in 1999


Achieving Maximum Factor Productivity


To Create Maximum Stakeholder Wealth through Ethical Investing and Entrepreneurial Intellectual Capacity Building.

Birth of Hydro Power International (Pvt) Ltd [HPI] in 1999

HPI was incorporated to handle grid-connected projects as project developers and EPC contractors. HPI was the business arm and ENCO (Pvt) Ltd. was the social entrepreneurship arm for us. This combination worked very well as our engineers and technicians employed under HPI worked in ENCO projects as their service to society without taking any allowance for their inputs.

HPI can be claimed as the founders of local mini-hydro in Sri Lanka with our own technology and innovations of turbines, Penstock pipe fabrication, Electronic Load Controllers for synchronizing, locally made panel boards and controllers, high level of welding standards, and good project management. With all these combinations of project management, we could complete the projects to the best satisfaction of our investing partners and banks to get a return on investment.

HPI expands itself day by day, year by year as a truly international company, extending its arms to the African continent.


  • To provide an excellent service to our client tail
  • To inculcate and motivate our employees at all levels, for an effective and efficient contribution towards our mission
  • Know-how and technological transfer while giving training to enthusiastic people outside the company by working together
  • Generate new job opportunities


  • Finding suitable locations for potential sites
  • Carrying out pre-feasibility studies
  • Obtaining LOI from authority
  • Surveying
  • Carrying out detailed feasibility studies & designs
  • Financial evaluations of the Project (Cost/Benefit analysis)
  • Designing of all Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical systems
  • Land acquisition & obtaining all governmental approvals and lease out Crown Land
  • Negotiations with Development Banks for bank loans
  • Handle all social & political issues for amicable solutions.
  • Civil Engineering Construction
  • Manufacturing and Installing of Electro-Mechanical Systems
  • Installation of Transmission line & substation
  • Purchase of all imported items from well-established contacts with foreign companies
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Carrying out Environment preserving programs.
  • Consultation


As a Premier Company involved in designing, supplying, and managing hydropower projects, we are well equipped to handle all construction and other requirements of our clients. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that our customer needs are met effectively and efficiently. HPI offers full engineering, procurement, and construction services as EPC contracts.


Behind the Success


Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkara
Ph.D. Engineering (Japan)
Specialty: Power Generation, System Modeling & System Controlling


HPI considers, its human resource as its
main asset and over the years, it has
assembled well educated, well trained,
well contended engineers, technicians,
operational and financial staff. Simply, HPI
is a Professional Engineering Company
comprises with well experienced and
highly reputed engineers in all engineering
aspects along with the right touch of
Financial and Human Resources.

Foreign Partners

Our latest involvement is FUSO HPS in partnership with our company in Sri Lanka, FUSO and Traders Inc of Japan with E&M solution from ZECO in Italy. Our Chairman, Dr. Nishantha was instrumental in joining all these parties and giving solutions to the Japanese small hydro market.

Presently, HPI is the technical partner and advisor in the energy sector of Traders Holdings Co. Ltd. and FUSO.

Associate Companies

The isle of Sri Lanka is bountiful geography, blessed with many springs, rivers, and waterfalls that are nourished by the showers that pour throughout the year. As a pioneer in Renewable Energy Development, we have made use of our gifts from Mother Nature and transformed them into Hydropower Plants…

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Taking care of our Society.

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