Dr.Nishantha Nanayakkara being an academic at the Moratuwa University of Sri Lanka attached to the Electrical Department found the necessity of inputs to society soon after he came back to Sri Lanka in 1995 after finishing all his post-graduate studies. 1996/97 had been the worst era of the electricity sector in Sri Lanka with 10-15 hours of power cuts, 16% distribution losses, and also 40% of the population didn’t have access to the national grid. Dr.Nanayakkara was an academic and a person who produce Electrical Engineers has found a great need for his service.

At that time the World Bank has introduced a credit line called Energy Services Project [ESD Project] for solar home systems, village hydropower, and grid-connected mini-hydropower. This ESD Project is more than a credit line but capacity building, national policy-making, and the use of best practice models in the world. This integrated project was managed by a specially set up unit in DFCC Bank headed by Mr. Jayantha Nagendran. This ESD Project showed new ways to ENCO and HPI while arranging the opportunity to Dr. Nanayakkara to become a Social Entrepreneur with his technical background.

Accordingly, we could complete 16 community-based village hydro projects under World Bank-funded ESD/RERED schemes, and bridging finance from Japanese NGOs (ROTARY-D2700, TPA-Saga, ARTIC-Kumamoto). Out of 16 projects developed by us, Six village hydropower projects were funded by Rotary International, D -2700 of Japan with the association of Rotary Club of Colombo East in Sri Lanka (D300). All these projects are operating successfully, electrifying more than 1,000 households.

Project NameCommenced
Number of
Number of
Number of
DistrictCapacityApprox. Cost
GedarawattaNov 19984056205Kegalle12 kW1.2 MnESD
Kambili OyaNov 19996382315Kegalle22 kW1.7 MnESD
Kethigana EllaNov 19992831150Kegalle7.5 kW2.2 MnESD
VeediyawattaNov 200012595625Kegalle45 kW3.2 MnESD
TantrikandaMay 20015069250Kegalle7.5 kW1.1 MnESD
Magala-PerupallaNov 20006048300Kegalle22 kW4.1 MnRERED
KudawaJan 2002175135875Ratnapura55 kW4.2 MnRERED
RaththurugalaFeb 20037095295Ratnapura40 kW4 MnRERED
Gollahinna NorthFeb 20022226129Kegalle7.5 kW1.2 MnRERED
WewelwattaSep 20045423190Ratnapura22 kW3.5 MnRERED
PoddanaDec 20047536375Ratnapura18 kW2.5 MnRERED
WadiyawattaJan 20055012235Ratnapura7.5 kW1.8 MnRERED
KurugamaJan 20046024300Monaragala20 kW4 MnRERED
HumbaswalanaJul 20064515215Kegalle12 kW2.5 MnESD
AmunumullaJul 20055220270Ratnapura15 kW2 MnRERED
ImewattaMay 20054018190Kegalle7.5 kW2.5 MnRERED

Gedarawatta Village Hydropower Project – 12 kW

Kambili OyaVillage Hydropower Project – 22 kW

Kethigana EllaVillage Hydropower Project – 7.5 kW

VeediyawattaVillage Hydropower Project – 45 kW

Tantrikanda Village Hydropower Project – 7.5 kW

Magala-Perupalla Village Hydropower Project – 22 kW

Kudawa Village Hydropower Project – 55 kW

Raththurugala Village Hydropower Project – 40 kW

Wewelwatta Village Hydropower Project – 22 kW

Poddana Village Hydropower Project – 18 kW

Kurugama Village Hydropower Project – 20 kW

Humbaswalana Village Hydropower Project – 12 kW

Amunumulla Village Hydropower Project – 15 kW

Imewatta Village Hydropower Project – 7.5 kW

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