* Nyamyotsi I & II    * Gatubwe    * Mutubo
We have expanded our activities beyond Sri Lankan territory to cover the African region in 2005 and accordingly United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) awarded ENCO (Pvt) Ltd., One of the Associate companies of Hydro Power International (Pvt) Ltd. to construct a village hydro project in Rwanda, namely Nyamyotsi 1.

Trailed by the success of the Nyamyotsi 1 project, UNIDO awarded the second contract to ENCO (Pvt) Ltd. to construct three off-grid village hydropower projects, i.e. Mutubo, Gatubwe, and Nyamotsi II.

UNIDO awarded the third contact to ENCO to Supply Electricity for additional load centers, improving the de-silting capacities of the plants and implementation of antisoil-erosion methods at Mutubo, Gatubwe, and Nyamyotsi Plants. The work of this contract will be parallel to the work of the previous contract for the same three micro-hydro projects.

On the Invitation of MININFRA

Observing the success of UNIDO Projects handled by ENCO (Pvt) Ltd., the Ministry of Infrastructure of the Government of Rwanda (MININFRA) invited us to design and build 8 new grid-connected and off-grid hydropower schemes along Rwanda’s North-South Central Mountain Range, with a total generation capacity of 6.35 MW

Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkara entered the Agreements for the implementation of 08 Mini Hydropower Projects in Rwanda with Hon. Minister, Water & Sanitation – Dr. Butare

World Bank Funded Project in the Republic of Liberia

ProjectYandohun Micro Hydropower Project
ClientRural and Renewable Energy Agency, Republic of Liberia
Project TypeOff-Grid
Capacity60 kW hydro project with HT/ LT distribution network
Beneficiaries120 Households
RemarksThis is the First Hydropower Project done after 14 Years of Civil War in Liberia and the plant was gifted for the needy people in a worst affected area in Liberia.
Commissioned InMarch 2013

Scoping & Feasibility Studies in Republic of Liberia

ClientMinistry of Lands, Mines and Energy, Republic of Liberia  
Sites1. Jor River at Gbatala, Bong County.
2. Du River at Kakata, Margibi County.
3. Cestors River between Grand bassa and Sinoe Counties.
4. St. John River at Gbedin, Nimba County.
5. Dugbe River in River Gee County.
6. Wozi Creek in Zorzor, Lofa county.
7. Marvo Creek, Bopolu, Gbarpolu County.
8. Mano, St John Mission, Robertsport,
Grand Cape Mount County.
9. Lexcus Creek in Pandamia, Lofa County.
10. Ya Creek, Boaplay, Nimba County.
Commissioned InMarch 2014  

Nyamenga Mini Hydropower Plant – Burundi

We could win another competitive contract to upgrade Nyamenga hydropower plant in the neighbouring nation of Burundi, from an existing capacity of 1.4 MW to 2.8 MW with two additional turbine-generator sets.

This plant augmentation was successfully completed and commissioned in June 2009.

Pre-feasibility Studies on Hydropower potential in Japan

ClientZE Energy Inc., Japan  
LocationToyama Prefecture  
Sites1. Nimangoko Irrigation Scheme
2. Kobutamata River
3. Yamada River
4. Itadoni River
5. Mitani Rivers
6. Gyadani River
7. Wakatsuchi River
Commissioned InNovember 2014  

Feasibility Study of Thin gan tone small hydropower project – Myanmar

ClientAtlum Power International Co. Ltd. – Myanmar  
Capacity6 MW  
Commissioned InMay 2018  

The feasibility study of Guinea Project was completed successfully and handed over by ENCO (Pvt) Ltd. This is also a project funded by UNIDO.

The proposed dam of the Hydro Power plant across Makona River is situated close to the village called “Keno” in the city called Gueckedou. The Makona River finally falls into the North Atlantic Ocean in “Sierra Leone”. The proposed site having coordinate of 8031’42.3” N & 10006’43.2” W situated at “Keno” village in the  “Gueckedou” City and could be reached driving 6km from East of Keno town Centre along a gravel road at Makona river. Considering the demand, location of energy and available drop of the river, this site was the most suitable location to have a low head hydropower plant, even though there were few steep slopes stretches at the most upstream…

Other Feasibility Studies on Hydropower Potentials

South SudanUNIDO
TanzaniaWorld Bank
CroatiaOn the Invitation of Government

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