The isle of Sri Lanka is bountiful geography, blessed with many springs, rivers, and waterfalls that are nourished by the showers that pour throughout the year. As a pioneer in Renewable Energy Development, we have made use of our gifts from Mother Nature and transformed them into Hydropower Plants.

Davora Capital Group has been in Operations since June 1999, over the years we have evolved and expanded into being one of the Largest Hydropower Project Investors.

We are proud to have accomplished, Joint Venture 11 [Eleven] Mini Hydropower projects, registered at the Board of Investment, Sri Lanka. We have also completed 18 [Eighteen] community-based Village Hydropower Projects via ENCO from 1997, fulfilling our Micro Hydropower Development Mission.

With a Ph.D. in the field of System Modeling and Renewable Energy Generation, Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkara has been internationally recognized and was invited by UNIDO [United Nations Industrial Development Organization]. As a result of that, we could be able to complete many Hydropower Projects in Rwanda. Burundi and Liberia.

Further, Davora Capital (Pvt) Ltd. expanded its wings into different sectors such as Bathware Manufacturing (Ceramics), Ceylon Tea Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Commodities Sector, and Waste Water Management Sector. Also, we have successful technological collaboration with “FUSO Hydro Power Solutions Inc.” of Japan, where Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkra is a Director. We expanded our arms into Japan, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Burundi, Guinea, Mali, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Afghanistan in the field of Renewable Energy Generation.

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