Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkara

Chairman’s Message

CREATION BY WAY OF SHARING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE is our Philosophy. Creation may be wealth creation by new thinking and innovation. Sharing may be wealth sharing and know-how sharing. We seek creations by way of establishing a sustainable future as a team of dedicated people while fulfilling the aspirations of all those who join hands with us. Those who collaborate with us may be Potential Investors, Banks, Leasing Companies, Angel Investors, Consultants, Advisors, Management Staff, Working Staff, and all other Beneficiaries and Service Providers in our massive links of operation. We work with dedication and empower our staff with trust, as a result, they can deliver their best and harness the inner potential possessed by them. Whoever joins hands with us is expected to have such qualities and empathy towards HUMANITY, so that we all bonded together just like MERCURY BUBBLES ON A PLATE.

Dr. Nishantha Nanayakkara
Ph.D. Engineering (Japan)
Specialty: Power Generation, System Modeling & System Controlling

  • The University of Moratuwa in 1995 and worked for 17 years in the capacities of :
  1. Senior Lecturer to Electrical Department.
  2. Head of Physics Department.
  3. Member of Senate Research Committee which is the highest administrative body in deciding research grants and monitoring of research work.
  4. Chairman of exhibition committee which is the face of university in all outside work
  5. NDB Bank endowed Senior Fellow in Entrepreneurship
  6. Coordinator of Saga University, Japan and Moratuwa University student exchange and research collaboration
  • Member of the Board of Management of Industrial Technology Institute for the Year 2019
  • Member of the Advisory Committee on Professional Services of SL Export Board from 2018
  • Former energy specialist to UNIDO and World Bank
  • Former advisor to Tanzania government’s rural and renewable energy agency, Liberian Government Renewable Energy Agency, and various UNIDO related projects in East and Central Africa
  • Founder Board Member of Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority
  • National Think Tank member for Hon. Minister Susil Premajayantha when he was Power and Energy Minister
  • An entrepreneur who has done 15 micro-hydro projects in Sri Lanka, 11 grid-connected mini-hydro projects in Sri Lanka, 10 hydro projects in Rwanda, one hydro project in Burundi, two hydro projects in Kenya, and one hydro project in Liberia
  • Partner in one of the leading hydro companies in Japan
  • Former executive director for fully government-owned textile and apparel institutes CITI and TT&SC presently amalgamated as Sri Lanka Textiles and Apparel Institute
  • Revival of ceramic bath ware manufacturing industry in Sri Lanka when it was just about to collapse and sustainable development of bath ware manufacturing since 2006 as a private sector initiative

  • One of the Initiators and a director of FUSO Hydro Power Solutions Inc. – Japan, an international company formed to identify developments and provide solutions for Hydro Power generations in Japan
  • Introduced KUBOTA brand Waste Water Treatment Plants to Sri Lanka with Johkasou Technology and presentations done for Western Provincial Council of Sri Lanka under a Special Purpose Company formed with the involvement of Fukada Environmental Development Industries Co., Ltd. – A listed Company in Japan
  • Key-note speaker to share my knowledge on National Standards of Environmental Release and Waste Water Management – for the seminar by JECES of Japan planned for 3rd December 2020.
  • Commencement of biomass project using gasification technology for power generation adhering to National Emission Standards of Sri Lanka
  • Commencement of Kurunegala – Waste to Energy Project using Japanese technology adhering to Environmental Guidelines and Waste Management Standards of Sri Lanka.
Rural and Renewable Energy Agency
  • P.O. Box 1280, 1000 Monrovia 10, Liberia –March 2020 to Date
  • A World Bank Funded Project
  • Team Leader & Key Consultant forsupplying and installation of KAIHA 2 small hydropower plant in Lofa County, Liberia
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  • Climate Change Branch, Vienna, Austria – June 2004 ~ December 2010
  • Hydro power policy and rural electrification using hydro power resources
  • Training of government employees for small hydro power development and policy making
  • Team leader for FOUR small hydro project as EPC contract; Nyamyotsi I & II, Mutubo, Gatobwe in Rwanda
  • Design Engineer and team leader in Designs of four hydro projects
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
  • Climate Change Branch, Vienna, Austria.
  • May 2007 ~ August 2010
  • Team Leader for Feasibility Studies of mini Hydro in Guinee, Mali, Burundi
Ministry of Infrastructure, Kigali, Rwanda
  • June 2006 ~ August 2010
  • Team leader for Designs, feasibility studies and EPC Contract of SIX mini Hydro projects in Rwanda
USAID Project for Winrock International
  • Liberia – 2011
  • Consultant for Capacity Building of Academic Institutes of Liberia for Renewable EnergyDevelopment under LESSP Project in Liberia
World Bank, Energy Branch
  • Mailstop J9 – 900, 1818 H Street. Washington – DC, USA , May 2009 ~ August 2009
  • Consultant for Feasibility Studies of Yandohun Micro Hydro Project in Liberia
  • Team Leader for Design and Build contract of micro hydro project in Liberia (World Bank Funded project)
World Bank Funded project under Rural Energy Agency
  • Ministry of Energy and Mining, Dar ES Salam, Tanzania – April 2009 ~ December 2009
  • Consultant for Capacity Building, develop business plans and feasibility studies of mini hydro projects in Tanzania
Ministry of Land, Energy and Mining, Liberia
  • August 2013 ~ August 2014
  • Team leader for feasibility studies of TEN mini hydro projects in Liberia.
Kenya Tea Development Agency
  • Nairobi, Kenya – May 2014 to date
  • Chief of Staff of EPC Contract of Iraru Small Hydro Project & Rupingazi Small Hydro Power Project for Kenya Tea Development Agency
  • More than dozens of publications in international refereed journals and presentations of new findings at international conferences since 1992 in the fields of Electrical Engineering: IEEE American conferences, Japan, Australia, Korea International Conferences
  • Rotary Club of Colombo East, Sri Lanka – Rotarian since 2008 and actively engage in social work as a Rotarian, Technical services, and bridging finance for 10 village hydro projects in Sri Lanka.
  • University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka – Founder of sister program with Saga University for postgraduate studies, research collaborations, research incubators, and promotion of industrial research
  • Shishyodaya Foundation in collaboration with Terra Peoples Association, Saga, Japan – Shishyodaya scholarship and educational exchange program was started in 1996 and continue uninterrupted as at today, giving scholarships to 10 students every year for three year period at Sangamitta Girls College in Galle and send six students and one teacher to Saga prefecture in Japan for educational exchange programs/homestay experience once in every two years.