Davora Tea Sri Lanka

Davora Tea was incorporated in 2015, aiming the local sales and exports of Ceylon Tea manufactured in our own Tea Factories. We have a strong bond with our respective Tea Brokers and we consult them as and when required, like when we need to go for perfect blends such as to maintain the quality and the freshness of our products. Not only that we limited to tea but also, we try and do experiments for herbal tea and chai tea. Few of our own unique blends with Marigold Petals & orange peel has been accepted by our customers in Japan and Australia.

We always try to add an additional value to our products with natural herbs such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves &lemon, and also, we always inspirit our customers to use natural herbs and Kitul Jaggery instead of consuming sugar.

Our Teas are available in leading restaurants in the Colombo suburb for direct purchases, and we are arranging quick deliveries too to your doorstep according to your customized requirements.

UpComing Products – Spin Rose Tea

Customized Tea Boxes

Our Tea in Overseas Markets

Available for Local Sales

Loose Leaf Black Tea from our Fairyland Tea Factory

Loose Leaf Black Tea from our Pasgoda Tea Factory

Loose Leaf Black Tea from our Ransegoda Tea Factory

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