Davora Pvt Ltd

Davora Capital (Private) Limited

The isle of Sri Lanka is bountiful geography, blessed with many springs, rivers, and waterfalls that are nourished by the showers that pour throughout the year. As a pioneer in Renewable Energy Development, we have made use of our gifts from Mother Nature and transformed…

ENCO Nature

ENCO (Private) Limited

We set up our first company ENCO, to qualify for ESD Project and engaged in Off-Grid village hydro project development as a developer. Social mobilization, get village folks to team up to work for a dream of their own village hydro project, preservation of forest cover in the catchment area, and more interestingly how to…

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Fukada Environment

Fukada Environment Solutions (Private) Limited

Purpose; to introduce KUBOTA’s domestic sewerage treatment facility called Joukasou systems In the latter part of 2018, Fukada Environmental Development Industries Co., Ltd. (Japan), expressed interest in joining hands with us to introduce Japanese technology for sewerage/ kitchen water treatment facilities using KUBOTA’s technology which is the best in the world and affordable with good quality…

RSL Dulux Bathware

RSL Ceramics (Private) Limited

RSL Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd.(Delux) Is the leading manufacturer of premium quality ceramic bath ware products for the Sri Lankan market. They offer a wide range of sanitaryware products for affordable prices. Whether you are looking for the latest innovations, traditional or modern designs, vibrant colors, or international standards, RSL Ceramics is committed to providing you…

Davora Tea Sri Lanka
Davora Tea Sri Lanka

Davora Tea (Private) Limited

Davora Tea was incorporated in 2015, aiming the local sales and exports of Ceylon Tea manufactured in our own Tea Factories. We have a strong bond with our respective Tea Brokers and we consult them as and when required, like when we need to go for perfect blends such as to maintain the quality and…

Akmed-Pharma Pvt Ltd
Akmed-Pharma Pvt Ltd Sri lanka

Akmed Pharma

Akmed Pharma (Private) Limited is our another venture into pharmaceutical product distribution. We promote new products to the Sri Lanka market. One product is “Plus Moist”, would healing dressing prescribed by surgeons, vascular surgeons and for burned wounds as a natural product with no chemicals or no would healing chemical agents. This product was developed…

Davora Tea Sri Lanka
Davora Tea Sri Lanka

Davora Tea Factories

We again entered in acquiring distress factories from the banks and entered into tea manufacturing, since 2014 and went on acquiring five factories in down south and one in Ratnapura District, with an annual manufacturing capacity of 4000 Tons. This is a fairly big volume of tea, employing nearly 1000 workers and having more than…

Maramba Eco Village Hpi.lk

Maramba Eco Village

Maramba Eco Village is basically a plantation project introduced by Davora (Private) Limited, aiming for unemployed villagers in Hulandawa GS Division to uplift their lifestyles. Davora has started this project in the year 2020 over 12-acre land bordering to Nilwala River banks in Southern, Sri Lanka. Davora has been chosen by Sri Lanka Tea Board…

Mulatiyana Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd.

Mulatiyana Ceramics (Private) Limited, was formed in April 2021, as an Associate Company of RSL Ceramics (Private) Limited. RSL Ceramics (Private) Limited is one of the leading bathware manufacturers (ceramics) in Sri Lanka and presently captures 30% from the local market share and as well as it is the initial Shareholder of Mulatiyana Ceramics. Mulatiyana…

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