RSL Ceramics (Pvt) Ltd.(Delux) Is the leading manufacturer of premium quality ceramic bath ware products for the Sri Lankan market. They offer a wide range of sanitaryware products for affordable prices. Whether you are looking for the latest innovations, traditional or modern designs, vibrant colors, or international standards, RSL Ceramics is committed to providing you with a solution that will perfectly cater to your requirements.

In 2006, we acquired a closed-down factory directly from the bank and made it to be a profit-making venture as pioneers in this industry. This turning process needed seven years of sustained effort, innovations to produce high-quality products, market knowledge, and fierce competition with Chinese and Indian low-cost products.

Somehow, we managed to turn the company into a profit-making venture by the end of 2013 with a dedicated staff, and good reward incentive packages for workers.

By 2020, we captured a 10% market share in Sri Lanka and anticipate capturing 20% in 2022 with state-of-the-art European Technology from SACMI of Italy.

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