The feasibility study of Guinea Project was completed successfully and handed over by ENCO (Pvt) Ltd. This is also a project funded by UNIDO.

The proposed dam of the Hydro Power plant across Makona River is situated close to the village called “Keno” in the city called Gueckedou. The Makona River finally falls into the North Atlantic Ocean in “Sierra Leone”. Proposed site having coordinate of 8031’42.3” N & 10006’43.2” W situated at “Keno” village in the  “Gueckedou” City and could be reached driving 6km from East of Keno  town Centre along a gravel road at Makona river.Considering the demand, location of energy and available drop of the river, this site was the most suitable location to have a low head hydro power plant, even though there were few steep slopes stretches at the most upstream.

Gueckedou project across Makona river will have around 2.10 MW potential with a dam height of 6-7 meters. The identified location is perfect for a low head project as the river flows into a natural pond with almost steady water due to the large breadth of the ponding area and river flows across two mountains so that an ideal location for the dam could be found.  Power house will be constructed to accommodate 2x 1.05 MW vertical axis turbines. Since the ponding area is 2-3 meter deep, the draft tubes of turbines can be directly inserted in natural pond.

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