Karawila Ganga

Mini Hydro-power Project – 0.75 MW

The project utilizes the waters of Karawila Ganga in the Kegalle District in Sri Lanka to generate 0.75 MW of Electricity. The project is owned by Kandureliya Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd. The main investor for the project was General Sales Company which is an associate company of Chandra Senannayake Holdings.

In January 2004 HPI fully commissioned this turn-key project with a total generating capacity of 750 KW. Though small in size Karawila Ganga mini-hydro project proved the capabilities of HPI to handle turn-key projects efficiently on time and minimizing the total project cost.

In 2015 HPI intended to become the Managing Partner of this plant, on the invitation of the previous Board of Directors while acquiring 8% of shares. The main Shareholder is “F&T Hydro Power LLC – Japan” which is a subsidiary of “Traders Holdings Co. Ltd. – Japan”.

Type of ContractTurn-Key
Capacity0.75 MW
LocationDickella Kanda, Kegalle District – Sri Lanka
Water SourceKaravila Ganga
Length of Penstock Path400 m
Diameter of a Penstock400 mm
Gross Head200 m
Turbine TypeTurgo Impulse
Turbine SupplierTianjin Flying Electric Co. – China
Generator SupplierStamford – UK
Transformer SupplierLanka Transformers Ltd.
Synchronizing, Protection & Control SystemHydro Power International (Pvt) Ltd.
ClientKandureliya Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd.

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