Manelwala Mini Hydro-power Project – 2.4 MW

Manelwala was completed by HPI in June 2008 as an EPC Contract. The main investor for the projects was Manelwala Hydro Power (Pvt)Ltd., which is same as Panasian Power (Pvt) Ltd. with joint investment with HPI and New Energy Ltd. in United Kingdom.

Type of ContractTurn Key on Civil Construction
Capacity2.4 MW
LocationNuwara Eliya District – Sri Lanka
Water SourceKurundu Oya
Design Flow1.05 m3/Sec
Gross Head (Weir to Power House)305 m
Length of the Head Race Channel1,890 m
Head Loss of Head Race Channel6 m
Gross Head (From Forebay to Power House)299 m
Length of the Penstock Path939 m
Head Loss of Penstock Path11 m
Net Head of the Plant288 m
ClientManelwala Hydro Power (Pvt) Ltd.

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